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Rhino Toys Big Oball (Colors May Vary)

Rhino Toys Big Oball (Colors May Vary)


  • 12.91

  • Rhino Toys products have been designed to provide innovative, tactile and high performance fun
  • Rhino Toys is a young toy manufacturing company based in Santa Cruz, CA, was founded in 2001 by David Silverglate
  • A ball full of finger holes that is incredibly easy to catch, captivating to hold, and safe to throw
  • Shiny, smooth, flexible, durable and virtually Indestructible Oball is the ideal ball in every situation.
  • 100% Dishwasher Safe, PVC, Latex and Phthalates Free!

Oball by Rhino Toys is an "Everybody Ball", in two new sizes for double the fun! Easy to grasp, easy to toss, easy to catch, Oball's are safe, shiny, and smooth--and virtually indestructible. Squish them flat and Oball's bounce right back! Comes in 4" and 6" sizes. By Rhino Toys for all ages.

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