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SoapSox Bath Scrub Terry Cloth Bath Sponges

SoapSox Bath Scrub Terry Cloth Bath Sponges


  • 15.50

Birth & up. It's bath time! These soft SoapSox washcloths will make baths even more fun for kids. Here's how it works: Place soap into the SoapSox pocket, add water and work up a lather, place fingers in the side pockets and scrub! These bath pals provide comfort to even the most nervous bathers. Set includes 2 bath sponges: Taylor the Turtle and Tank the Shark. A great toy for both in and out of the tub. Both liquid and bar soaps will work with SoapSox bath sponges. Made of antimicrobial polyester and sponge. Machine washable; set washing machine on gentle and tumble dry. Each bath sponge measures 9" x 8" x 5".

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